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Privacy and security policy

from July 19, 2018

Dear customers,
The website (“Website”) is provided by PAM ROYAL LINER with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Biskupia 2/2, 50-148 Wrocław (“ROYAL LINER”) as a service for its clients, unless clearly indicated otherwise on the Website. PAM ROYAL LINER undertakes to protect the privacy of customers and ensure the safety of all relevant information provided to PAM ROYAL LINER. All customer personal data collected by PAM ROYAL LINER will be used in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 July 1997 on the protection of personal data (ie Journal of Laws 2016.922) with amendments and other generally applicable regulations in this regard.
The administrator of all personal data provided or collected by PAM ROYAL LINER is PAM ROYAL LINER.

This policy applies to information collected by PAM ROYAL LINER:

  • through the Website;
  • via e-mail, text message or other electronic correspondence between the Customer and the Party;
    through mobile and computer applications downloaded from the Website, which constitute the Customer’s interaction system with the Non-Webpage Website;
  • in relation to the Customer’s interaction with advertising materials and applications located on the websites of third parties or as part of the services provided by these persons, provided that these applications or advertising materials contain a link to this policy.

The policy does not apply to information collected by:

  • PAM ROYAL LINER offline or through any other means, including other websites operated by PAM ROYAL LINER or third parties (including subsidiaries or affiliates of PAM ROYAL LINER); or
  • any third parties (including subsidiaries or affiliates of PAM ROYAL LINER), in particular through the application or content (including marketing) available on or through the Site.

Please read this policy to understand the policies and practices used by PAM ROYAL LINER regarding customer information, including personal data. If the Customer does not agree to the policies and practices used by PAM ROYAL LINER, he / she should immediately leave the Website. Upon the entry or use of the Website, the Customer agrees to this privacy policy. In accordance with paragraph 10 below, this Policy may be amended at any time by PAM ROYAL LINER. The continued use of the Website by the Customer after the change of policy by PAM ROYAL LINER constitutes the consent to the changes made, and therefore we ask you to periodically check the content of the policy.

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