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a great line, that enhances women's beauty

Royal Liner – permanent make-up

The Royal Liner permanent make-up, thanks to unique devices and accessories of German production and techniques based on many years of experience and passion, allows you to emphasize the natural beauty of each woman.

Bożena Bartkowiak Royal liner
Polish Academy of Micropigmentation Royal Liner

NR. 1 in Poland

The Polish Academy of Micropigmentation ROYAL LINER was founded by Bożena Bartkowiak in 1994 as the first Polish company operating in the permanent make-up industry.

Permanent make-up

Royal Liner Treatments

Permanent Make-up

Trainings for beginners and professionals

We offer basic trainings, coachings and supplementary classes.

The Polish Academy of Micropigmentation Royal Liner is responsible for the high level of trainings.

Polska Akademia Mikropigmentacji

Permanent make-up devices


We offer the possibility of taking a lease for the purchase of our certified German devices.

We offer devices and accessories for permanent make-up. We recommend the Mini Royal and the Royal Liner two-system device.

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