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Contraindications for permanent make-up

In the following cases, it is not recommended to perform micropigmentation:
  • pregnancy
  • haemophilia
  • taking certain medicines (eg blood thinners such as aspirin etc., steroids)
  • advanced diabetes
  • pimple acne
  • active herpes
  • viral, bacterial or fungal infection
  • skin cancer
  • tendency to the formation of keloid and collagenosis
  • fresh scars
  • past diseases of the eyeball
  • tendencies to conjunctivitis
  • family tendencies for retinal detachment
  • inflammation of the skin (eg eyelids or conjunctivitis)
  • diseases of the retina and the cornea of the eye
  • psoriasis
  • use of Roacutane or other retinol derivatives (Isotrietinoids)
  • Infectious diseases (jaundice, AIDS)
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