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Permanent make-up

The first permanent make-up was made by hand using a bamboo stick with a needle attached.
This technique was presented in 1984 at the Kong Cosmetic Congress in New York by Chang Ming from Hong Kong. From this key moment, permanent makeup began its development around the world.

Permanent make-up works in several areas:

  • Healthcare: removing and correcting imperfections
  • Emotional: adding a sense of self-confidence and self-worth
  • Beautifying: bringing out the natural beauty of every woman
  • Convenience: giving always 15 minutes of sleep more by not having to make a daily make-up

The micropigmentation method can gently introduce permanent makeup elements that last from 2-5 years without damaging the skin.

More information and curiosities about permanent make-up can be found in the publication of Bożena Bartkowiak – “Magic in Permanent Makeup”, which is available for purchase. See the book offer.


konturowanie, cieniowanie, lekkie powiększenie z wypełnieniem



metoda cieniowana i włoskowa



kreska na górnej i dolnej powiece – zagęszczenie rzęs i eyeliner
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