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Professional permanent make-up Courses


As part of our permanent makeup training, we present all Royal Liner techniques, offer long-term care for graduates and provide professional equipment and models.

Royal Liner courses are performed for groups as well as individually. Individual courses are usually held at the company’s headquarters in Wrocław (at ul. Biskupia 2/2). However, there is a possibility of training outside of Wrocław (provided that space and models are provided for training outside the company’s office).


Graduates of our training play an active and important role in the world of Royal Liner. We help all graduates by offering them long-term mentoring.
We also encourage all graduates to like “Royal Liner Permanent Makeup” registration in the group “ROYAL LINER Magic in Permanent Makeup” on Facebook for active exchange.

We also offer our graduates a rest at the Dahab Hotel at an attractive price.

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