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Magic of permanent make-up


We invite you to the Royal Liner permanent make-up treatments.

Treatment Price

Permanent eyes make-up

Upper eyelid

500 €

Lower eyelid

300 €

Upper and lower eyelids

800 €

Permanent eyebrows make-up

Shading method

800 €

Mixed method (shading + hair technique)

900 €

Permanent lips make-up

filling with a slight shadow

1000 €


800 €

filling with slight extension

1300 €

The price of each treatment includes one correction for free.

We carry out consultations for clients in order to determine the dream effect of the treatment and the ideal method / technique to use.

We invite you for a free consultation – 0048 668 000 471.

Royal Liner treatments are performed by specialists with many years of experience in sterile conditions using certified equipment and accessories.

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